Legal League 100

The Legal League 100 strives to recruit and support reputable members of the financial servicing sector's legal community whose focus is on quality practices aimed toward a swift housing market recovery. An application process is, therefore, in place and required of firms so they may join the Legal League 100.

The deadline for all new applications falls on day 15 of every month, allotting the Advisory Council members from that time until the end of the month to review every application. A discussion on each firm's potential acceptance into the Legal League 100 then takes place during the Advisory Council conference call, scheduled the second week of every month.

The Five Star Institute considers information gathered from each application as confidential, and no unauthorized review, use, forwarding, disclosure, dissemination, or distribution will occur without written consent submitted by the applicant firm.


Two (2) letters of recommendation, or two references who the Five Star Institute executive team may contact directly, of two mortgage lenders or servicers that have partnered in past business with your firm must be included with the Legal League 100 New Member Application. Recommendation letters or the two references must include the name, title, company name, mailing address, email address, and direct phone line of the recommending servicer or lender.

This New Member Application, your references' contact information or the letters of recommendation, and any additional information requested in this application may be submitted via email to Derek Templeton, Executive Director, at


This is an application for a new membership with the Legal League 100. The completion and submission of this application will not automatically result in a membership with the Legal League 100. The Legal League 100 and Five Star Institute have the right to refuse the new membership of any firm. The Legal League 100 and Five Star Institute guarantees the review and investigation into the facts and opinions expressed on this application and of the firm's references, and will contact the firm in review following this process.

Legal League 100 New Member Application