Legal League 100 Advisory Council

The Advisory Council strategizes growth opportunities, facilitates education, and enhances strategic relationships in the industry on behalf of the Legal League. Advisory Council Members are responsible for aiding the Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Director, and Ex-Officio of the Legal League 100 in developing new strategies for progress in the areas of legislative actions, education, compliance, advocacy, and/or marketing.

Neil Sherman
Schneiderman & Sherman, P.C.
Legal League 100 Chair

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Neil Sherman is the Co-owner and Managing Partner of Schneiderman & Sherman, P.C., and the President of Best Homes Title Agency. Sherman has over 15 years of experience representing mortgage servicing and the investment community in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, asset recovery, mediation, title curative, and REO conveyance. In addition to his law license, Sherman is a licensed title agent, licensed real estate broker, and has his property and casualty license.

Michelle Garcia-Gilbert
Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. (FL)
Legal League 100 Vice Chair

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Michelle Garcia-Gilbert is the President and CEO of Gilbert Garcia Group. Garcia-Gilbert has practiced real estate and business law since 1989, specializing in default servicing work including litigated foreclosures, real estate closings, evictions, and commercial litigation. In addition to her vast experience speaking at webinars and conferences, Garcia-Gilbert also taught the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Certified Process Servers Course from 1993 to 2014.

Advisory Council Members

Caren Castle, The Wolf Firm, A Law Corporation
Adam Codilis, Codilis and Associates, P.C
Roy Diaz, SHD Legal Group, P.A.

Erin Laurito, Laurito & Laurito, LLC
David Marowske, Potestivo & Associates, P.C.
Tony Van Ness, Van Ness Law Firm, PLC

Special Initiative Working Group

In order to respond to a shift in the industry which requires law firms to operate at a more efficient level, the Legal League 100 has created the Special Initiative Working Group (SIWG). The SIWG is comprised of senior representation from member firms and executive level associate members with a focus on the strategic objectives of concern to financial services legal professionals as directed by the Legal League 100 Advisory Council, Executive Director.