The Advisory Council strategizes growth opportunities, facilitates education, and enhances strategic relationships in the industry on behalf of the Legal League. Advisory Council Members are responsible for aiding the Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Director, and Ex-Officio of the Legal League in developing new strategies for progress in the areas of legislative actions, education, compliance, advocacy, and/or marketing.
This committee assists in providing education opportunities to members of Legal League and their clients—through the development of certifications, classes, and other educational offerings that the committee believes are of value to the membership. As laws change and evolve, this committee will provide education opportunities for members and clients to stay apprised of relevant issues. When there are any opportunities for further continuing legal education credits, the committee will help with the development and curation of those as well.
This committee is responsible for collaborating with the committee chair and The Five Star staff to propose event offerings and session topics, as well as help with speaker recruitment.
In order to respond to a shift in the industry which requires law firms to operate at a more efficient level, the Legal League has created the Special Initiative Working Group (SIWG). The SIWG is comprised of senior representation from member firms and executive level associate members with a focus on the strategic objectives of concern to financial services legal professionals as directed by the Legal League Advisory Council, Executive Director.
Members of this committee support the Five Star staff in curating content for The Legal League Quarterly Newsletter and other publications.
This committee provides current, relevant information to the mortgage servicing industry to promote understanding and learning in an interesting format.