Thomas S. Van

California LPs and UDs: Managing Risks in Seeking to Evict a Former Borrower After Nonjudicial Foreclosure Where Borrower Has Filed a Lis Pendens

Detillier v. Texas: U.S. Supreme Court Case That Could Alter
Property Rights Nationwide

Mission Hen v. Lee: Watch Out For Principle Residence Home Loans Maturing During The Chapter 13 Plan!
The Ninth Circuit Bap Clarifies The Application Of The §1322(C)(2) Exception To The Anti-Modification Provision Of §1322(B)(2)”

The Ancient Lien Statute in Nevada: Cohen v. Tan, to Un-do “Wholly Due.”

To Object or Not to Object? When to Object to Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plans

Campbell v. FPI Risky Business: Unfair Competition Law Claims May Arise From Improper Eviction Notices.

McKee v. Anderson:  Bankruptcy Debtors Might Improperly Claim Homestead Exemptions

Letter From the Chair
Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota: An Analysis of Potential Impact on the Mortgage Servicing Industry

In Arizona, May One Action Stay Enforcement of Another Action?

How Many Bites at the Apple Does a Plaintiff Get?

Illinois Enacts the Consumer Contract Reciprocal Attorney’s Fees Act

2023 Texas Legislature Updates
Texas versus the CFPB
Kyle G. Horst
Foreclosure Filings: A ‘Concerning Picture’ of Future Trends?

Eric C. Peck

CFPB Fines Bank of America Over HMDA Violations

Letter From the Chair

Legal League: Files as an Amicus Curiae in an Important Florida Case

Strict Liability Strikes Again: CFPB Advisory Opinion Affirms FDCPA Liability for Collection Actions on Time-Barred Debts

Rising Tides, Rising Premiums, Rising Defaults:
Climate Change’s Toll on The Mortgage Industry

Sime Federal Protections Are Stronger Than Others: Sovereign Immunity, Criminal Restitution, and the Automatic Stay

Legal Updates – Illinois Amends Foreclosure Notice, Foreclosure File, and Notary Provisions
Jennifer Wong, Esq.
Oversight in Post-Foreclosure Sale Bid Process Under California Civil Code §2924m(c): Triggering Automatic Stay Violations?
Eric C. Peck

Despite Low Q2 Mortgage Delinquencies, Signs of ‘Consumer Credit Stress’ Remain

Eric C. Peck
Banking Regulators Seek Comment on Rules to Strengthen Capital Requirements
Eric C. Peck

CFPB Uncovers Unfair and Deceptive Practices Across Consumer Financial Products

Letter From the Chair

Are “Zombie” Mortgages Real? Colorado Supreme Court Rejects Court of Appeals Holding that Statute of Limitations Starts Just Before Discharge in Chapter 7 Case

The Ironclad Anti-Modification Provision (§ 1322(b)(2)) Prevails Over the Finality of a Confirmed Plan, Says the 11th Circuit – An Analysis of Bozeman

Marc Wagman
Demystifying the Illinois Mediation Process
Kyle G. Horst
Legal League Assembles With Servicers for Spring Summit
Eric C. Peck

Post-Forbearance Workout Performance Suffered in April

Junk Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: An Overview of the CFPB’s Supervisory Highlights Junk Fees Special Edition

Eric C. Peck
One in 80 U.S. Homes Reported Vacant in Q2